Tamil Nadu has recorded 8,449 new Covid-19 cases; 33 deaths

Tamil Nadu reported 8,449 fresh Covid-19 cases and 61,593 active cases on Friday, a record high, with 33 deaths reported, the highest this year. The record brings the total number of confirmed cases as of Thursday to 9,71,384 and the death toll at 13,032.

Among the fresh cases reported on Friday, 310 were in the 0-12 age group, 6,910 were in the 13-60 age group, and 1,229 were in the 60-year-old and above age group. Since the beginning of this week, the number of infected children has been between 225 and 288.

Among the 38 regions, at least 21 regions have experienced triple-digit peaks in cases. With 2,636 new cases, Chennai continues to be a hot spot, increasing the number of active cases to 22,420. Neighboring Chenelpet has 795 new cases, the second highest recorded case in the TN. In the Chennai region including Chenelpet, Kanchipuram and Tiruvallur alone, 32,436 people (52.3% of the state share) are receiving treatment.

In the west, Coimbatore ranked first with 583 cases, increasing the number of new infections in the region to 1,568. There are 10,810 people being treated in this area, second only to Chennai. Among the eight regions in the central region, Trichy had the highest record at 273, while in the southern region, Tuticorin reported 277. Of the 16 districts where deaths were reported on Friday, Chennai and its three neighbours had 18 deaths, western TN had six deaths, while the south recorded five.

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