Santhanam’s “Parris Jayaraj” trailer is released!

The trailer for Santhanam’s new movie “Parris Jayaraj” has just landed. From the time of just over two minutes, it seems to be a local flavor and fun entertainer. Santa apparently played the role of a Gaana singer, who fell in love, lost love due to the lawyer’s conspiracy, and became a drunkard.

Now we are in the alley of comedy heroes, and the single lines and counters in the trailer bring a smile. “Parris Jayaraj” is directed by Johnson, who earlier provided the popular movie “A1” for Santhanam, and Santhosh Narayanan also shine in this combination. Senior photographer Arthur Wilson is working on the camera. “Parris Jayaraj” takes Anaika Soti and Sastika Rajendran as Santhanam’s beloved ones, and Mottai Rajendran plays a key role. The film is produced by Lark Studios and is expected to be released in a few weeks.

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