In order to boost tourism sector, the Maldives has announced plans to provide tourists with COVID-19 vaccine

Although 2021 feels like a repeat of 2020, and although vaccines are available in many countries, travel is still a luxury for many people. With the second wave of the coronavirus plagued the lives of many people, people are advised to stay at home as much as possible.

However, in order to promote the development of tourism, the Maldives has announced plans to provide tourists with COVID-19 vaccine. In an interview with CNBC, Abdulla Mausoom, Minister of Tourism of the South Asian Islands, announced the “3V” plan, which stands for “visit”, “vaccination”, and “vacation” to encourage visits to the country.

“The main idea of tourism being open is to provide reasonably safe tourism with minimum inconvenience. So, once the country gets vaccinated, then we will move on to ‘3V’ tourism,” Mausoom said.

The report pointed out that the Maldives is heavily dependent on its tourism industry. Therefore, once all residents and citizens have been vaccinated, the vaccine will be provided to visiting tourists. Mausoom also pointed out that so far, “frontline tourism workers have been fully vaccinated.”

“I don’t think supply’s a problem in Maldives because our population is relatively small,” Mausoom was quoted as saying. “The quota we get from the various organisations and friendly nations also will help.”

The report also pointed out that the Maldives has received 350,000 visitors this year due to holidaymakers mainly from India taking advantage of the country’s limited entry requirements.

Currently, passengers accepted in the Maldives have undergone a negative PCR test less than three days before travel, or have received a full vaccination. This new plan to introduce vaccine packaging makes it the first country to do so.

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