Coronavirus | British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces national lockdown

London: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has implemented a new round-the-clock lockdown measure that will not be able to fight at a critical moment of the coronavirus pandemic until at least mid-February due to a new high spread of the deadly virus Sexual variants exacerbate this situation.

Speaking to the United Kingdom in a TV address on Downing Street on Monday, Johnson said that the United Kingdom is at a critical stage in responding to the rapidly spreading infection, as he confirmed that schools and businesses have been completely closed, which is similar to the first lockdown nationwide in 2020 March.

Johnson said: “When I speak to you tonight, our company’s hospitals are under more pressure than ever before.” “It is clear that we need to do more to control this new variant. Therefore, in the UK, we have to enter a national lockdown, which is enough to resist the variant. This means that the government again instructs you to stay in the American country,” he said .

He revealed that the number of hospitalized patients has increased to nearly 27,000, almost one-third higher than the peak of the first wave of pandemic in April 2020. However, he emphasized that there is a “huge difference” compared to the blockade. last year. He said: “We are implementing the largest vaccination program in history. In the UK, we vaccinate more people than the rest of Europe.”

He gave the true situation of the National Health Service (NHS) vaccination. He said: “By mid-February, if everything goes well and with the wind blowing, we hope to provide the first dose of vaccine to all vaccinated people. The Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunization has identified four top priority groups.”

The British Prime Minister stated that this means vaccinating nursing home residents and caregivers over 70 years of age, all clinically extremely vulnerable people, and all NHS frontline and health workers. He said: “This will ultimately allow us to lift many of the restrictions we have been enduring for a long time.”

He advises people to leave home only for essential shopping, some daily exercise or medical reasons. Johnson said: “I want to say to everyone in the UK, I know how hard it is. I know how frustrated you are, and I know you have enough government guidance.” “But now, we are more than ever More united. You must abide by the new rules from now on, and the new rules will become law on Wednesday morning.”

He admitted that the next few weeks will be the toughest time, but he reiterated that Britain has entered the final stage of the struggle. He said: “Because every jab is in our arms, we have made the opportunity to oppose Covid even more inclined and support the British people.”

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