13,835 new Covid cases: Kerala’s highest single-day peak so far

Health Minister K K Shailaja warned that Covid cases will surge in the coming days and said that the state is implementing strict mechanisms to deal with the spread. Last Saturday, Kerala hit a single-day peak with 13,835 new cases, 2,000 more than the previous high of 11,755 reported by the state on October 10, 2020. The positive rate on Saturday was 17.04%.

“As we increase the number of tests, the number of patients will increase. We have performed 250,000 tests in the past two days, so we expect the situation to increase. But the country is ready to deal with cases. All hospitals and front-line The treatment centers are all ready,’ said the health minister. However, due to the rapid depletion of existing stocks, the state urgently needs more vaccines. So far, the state has received 6.084 million doses of vaccine and 5.675 million doses have been used. There are only 4.09 trillion doses in stock now.

The minister said that the state has requested 5 million doses, and if there is any delay in replenishing the stock, the vaccination camp will be hit. Many areas are already facing a shortage of vaccines, and now they can only be vaccinated in hospitals. It has been decided to send asymptomatic patients for home care/isolation. If the patient’s symptoms are mild, they will be sent to a first-line or second-line treatment center.

The minister said that if they have serious complications, they will be transferred to the hospital. In the event of an emergency, more hospitals, including primary medical centers, will be converted into Covid hospitals. “According to the state’s serum monitoring, only 11% of people are infected. Therefore, the state must protect the remaining 89% of the population.” Shailaja said.

At a high-level meeting convened by the Minister of Health, it has been decided to seek the support of the center to provide more oxygen to the state. If the number of patients in the hospital increases, the demand for oxygen is bound to rise. Compared with other states, Kerala still has the highest test rate and the case fatality rate is very low. She added that even if the number of cases is increasing, the state can successfully reduce the death rate.

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